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As a seller, the last thing you need is to be kept in the dark about the progress of your sale. Therefore, you need an agent who is going to make sure you are in the loop, every step of the way. Communication between the buyer and seller is vital for a smooth transaction. And this goes doubly here in Thailand, where things can get confusing. Sometimes it can be a scary, nerve-wracking experience buying a home. And therefore, you want to know that, what is happening is done within your best interests. You need to be an informed participant, not a bystander waiting for it just to happen around you.

Its All About Listening

Great real estate agents know that communication is as much about listening and making yourself available to another person as it is about relaying a message. A true communicator listens to their client and gets a better understanding of them from listening. Rather than constantly talking about what they can do. However, allow your agent to steer you so that they can get the best information from you. Remember, the actual job of your agent never changes. They are there to help and are the best at the job they are doing.

Communication the First Priority

Take your time to find the right agent. Not every agent is the same. You should have some good questions to ask, and one of them certainly should be regarding communication. Ask for references, any good agent will be happy to provide them. In fact, if they really are good, they will be throwing a list of people to sing their praises at you. But be mindful when looking for a real estate agent to sell your Condo on Sukhumvit or anywhere in Bangkok. You should make transparency and seamless communication the first priority when looking for your agent. Secondly, authenticity and a genuine desire to help. These should be obvious in the best of agents. And I am sure you will notice when the opposite is true. Make sure that they have open lines of communication. Do they have the form of online communication you are used to, be it Line, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? If not are they happy to get the app?

Be an Active Participant in Your Real Estate Transaction

They should also be willing to discuss after service. For both the buyer and the seller. Its an important area and should not be overlooked. Make sure that they will be there on the day for the house transfer of title. Here in Thailand, it is vital that your agent is with you. Do they have connections for moving day and will they be there to help with any snags that may happen on the day? You deserve to be an active participant in your real estate transaction, and you should make sure your agent can do his or her part to make sure you are. As agents, we don’t sell condos. We sell our time. Our job is to devote our time to best serve our clients. When we communicate with you, we are selling the fact that we will work harder and our time will be better spent in serving your needs.