We are present many types of how to buy property for investment and what is a commercial lease.

What is a commercial property investment?

The commercial property investment however is referring to gain profit or rental income. It’s like own property and someone or more who wants to use the property in their business & any project.


What is the difference between residential and commercial property?

The exact differences are the residential property for consumers & commercial property for example like businesses. Residential properties are referred to as rental contract or agreements. Commercial properties are referred to as big business rental provides to clients & tenants.

What is the difference between a commercial and residential lease?

The main differences are a residential lease for a shorter time period & commercial lease usually one year or more. Most importantly Residential lease likes are 1 BHK, 2 BHK, flat, room, and shops above all. The commercial lease is a showroom, bank, private sector etc. A residential lease is to provide for property to someone will live.


What is a commercial lease?

firstly a commercial lease is a process between someone who owns a property and other clients who want to use the property in business. It’s like a property who wants to lease to another person or client to earning money. The landlord can assign the agreement as per as clients facility.


What are the different types of commercial leases?  

Three basic types of commercial leases. These leases are organized two rent calculation method like net and gross. The gross lease referred to as tenant pays one lump sum for rent.

1. Gross lease or full lease

This type of lease, the rent is all-inclusive. The landlord pays all most including taxes, insurance and maintains expenses associated with the property.

2. Net lease

This type of lease, the landlord charges to tenants a lower base rent for the commercial space even add or all of the usual costs.

Many types of net leases:

Single net lease

In this lease, renter pays a set rent and property tax. The major keep in mind operating expense categories are taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

Double net lease

In this lease a double net lease is similar to the single net lease, the landlord takes over paying for maintained & utilizes. A double net passes more expenses along in the form of insurance payments.

Triple net lease

In this lease, the tenant paying for all of the cost of these three things like is property taxes, insurance and common area maintenance.

Modified gross lease

In this third type of modified gross lease is a commercial real estate lease. in this structure of the type of lease requires to pay the net amount for three types of costs.

How long are commercial leases?

Any way most landlords prefer to long term lease in the commercial lease it’s like a 5 to 10 year long. As a general rule, a commercial lease is better for a long term.

How do you negotiate a commercial lease?

We are preferred to negotiate a commercial lease to get an agent or lawyer to negotiate for you. Remember that a commercial lease contract or agreement is favoring the landlord & accept all condition mandatory for tenant or businessman.